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Imagine Swimming was founded in 2002 by Casey Barrett and Lars Merseburg. The school is now the largest private learn-to-swim program in New York City, currently welcoming over 4,000 children each week to its lessons across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

As educators, we believe that it is the Singer, not the Song, meaning that the presentation of the lesson is everything. Imagine Swimming features highly developed teaching methods and rigorous training, however, it is the teachers – in the moment - who must pass it along. This process is collaborative, rooted in play, and requires individual expression with every student.

Like many of NYC’s top preschools, Imagine Swimming has absorbed the teachings of Reggio Emilia, the Italian educational philosophy that places great respect on children’s imaginations and their interaction with the natural world. We feel this philosophy may be best expressed in the water – where every sense is engaged and the opportunities for exploration are endless.

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