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Imagine Swimming lessons are tailored to fit your child's individual needs. Regardless of age or ability, we strive to find the right class that best facilitates safe fun and joyful, natural learning.

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Our Lessons

At Imagine, you will not find rigid levels and checklist teaching, but rather lessons that are constantly adapted and structured around the fluid development of every young swimmer. We strive for 40 "active" minutes. In too many programs, children are sitting on the sidelines for large portions of lessons, regardless of the activity.

The "Classic" Imagine class has a 1:4 teacher/student ratio. We believe this class size provides the highest quality atmosphere for both skill development and social interaction. At Imagine, there are never more than four children in a group class.


$48 per class. All scheduled lessons billed monthly.

Parent & Me

Imagine's Parent & Me program begins at 4-months and continues until children turn three. Within this time period, parents are present in the water, guiding children into the aquatic world. Teaching basic water comfort and instinctual safety forms the core of these early lessons. Our Parent & Me classes are also musically-themed, as we introduce the rhythm and timing of basic movements in the water. These lessons take place at our TriBeCa Flagship pool (4 months - 36 months).

Weekly Tuition

Like our regular lessons, these classes are $48 per class.

Baby Splash

For infants ages 8 weeks to 4 months, we offer Baby Splash classes, tuition free. This program is designed to orient parents and infants to the water together, in a soothing, low-pressure environment.

Early, consistent exposure to the water can significantly speed up a little swimmer's learning curve. Studies show that early infant swimming lessons offer many other benefits as well, including accelerated brain development, early socialization, and improved motor coordination.




$25 (paid at time of registration)


$21, includes one swim diaper, one Happy Nappy diaper cover, and a copy of the book Baby Swim, A Lifelong Adventure.

Intensive Lessons

Imagine's 'Intensive Lessons' are 60-minute classes offered on holidays and school breaks, making them an excellent opportunity to keep your child active on days off from school. Similar to our regular lessons, but super-sized to an hour, our goal is to enhance every swimmers' comfort and ability in the water while also offering unique challenges, such as 'a clothed swim', meant to simulate scenarios where a child falls into the water while dressed.

Once younger, less experienced children gain the trust and confidence to work with our instructors, more technical skills are introduced, with a focus on breath control, body position, and propulsion in the water. For children who already have a solid swimming foundation, technique and endurance is also a theme of intensive classes.


Fall 2019 Intensive Lessons

Where: Bowling Green location at Léman Prep at 25 Greenwich St. & TriBeCa Flagship at 40 Harrison St. in downtown Manhattan.

When: These sessions will be held on the following dates.

November 5th (Public School Holiday - TriBeCa Flagship Only)
November 11th (Public School Holiday)


Duration: One-hour lessons held at 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm and 1:00pm at Bowling Green.

TriBeCa Flagship sessions will begin at 9:20am, 10:20am, 11:20am and 12:20pm

Who: Less experienced children ages 3 - 6 at TriBeCa Flagship. Children ages 3+ of all ability levels at Bowling Green.

Class Ratio: 1:4

Rates: $74 for one child | $71 for each child thereafter.

Summer Aquatics Camp

Imagine Swimming's Aquatics Camp shares the joy of swimming with every child. Stroke technique is refined, friendships are forged, and the underwater world is explored!


Summer Aquatics Camp - Week of July 29th

Where: Bowling Green location at 25 Greenwich St. in downtown Manhattan.

When: Monday, July 29th - Friday, August 2nd

Duration: The half-day camp will run from 9:00am - 12:15pm each day with check-in beginning at 8:40am and pick-up starting at 12:30pm.

Who: Your child must be at least 6 years old and will be grouped according to age and ability. Our prerequisites include being able to swim at all four strokes, perform dives and complete consecutive laps.

Class Ratio: There will be no more than 8 students per instructor.

Rates: Five Day Session: $820 per child. Single Day Session: $175 per child.

Sibling Discount: 10% off every child after the initial child is enrolled.


Summer Clinics

Our summer clinics strive to provide an education in specialized disciplines within the swimming world while promoting a team-like atmosphere. Opportunities are endless once a child is able to swim and the clinics detailed below provide swimmers the opportunity to pursue alternative aquatic activities.


Competitive Swim Clinic

Where: TriBeCa BMCC at 77 Harrison St.

When: Monday, August 12th - Friday, August 16th from 9AM - 1PM

Click here for more information.

Synchronized Swimming Clinic

Where: TriBeCa BMCC at 77 Harrison St.

When: Monday, August 19th - Friday, August 23rd from 9AM - 1:30PM

Click here for more information.


The SQUAD program is geared toward swimmers ages 10-18 interested in practicing a few days a week, but who may not be interested in the full immersion of being on the swim team. The goal of the SQUAD program is to continue refining strokes, increasing endurance, and on general fitness in the water - in a fun pressure-free setting that is not focused on the destination of swim meets and racing.

SQUAD is coached by  Makos coaches! The minimum attendance is one practice a week of the 4 practices offered.

If you are interested, then please reach out to for more information

The practice schedule can be found below.

Monday: 8:00pm - 9:00pm at Bowling Green
Tuesday: 6:30pm -7:30pm at Crown Heights
Friday: 5:00pm - 6:00pm at BMCC
Sunday: 4:00pm - 5:00pm at Bowling Green

Adult Swimming

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, developing a love of the water is therapeutic, and evokes a sense of calm. Swimming is also a great way to achieve a full-body workout while reducing any physical stress on your bones, joints and muscles. Enjoyment of the water is a must for swimmers of all ages and body types, and particularly beneficial for people with arthritis.

Imagine's adult swim lessons are customized, 45min private or semi-private weekly classes, structured around your specific needs - whether it's getting over fundamental fears of the water or fine-tuning your strokes for competition.


Classes are $135 per private session or $95 for semi-private instruction.

Please tell us a bit more about yourself by taking a brief moment to fill out our Pre-Class Questionnaire.

Underwater Photography

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between Imagine Swimming and award winning underwater photographer Giordano Cipriani, to forever capture magical moments of your child in the water!

Born in Rome, Giordano started following in the footsteps of his father, a professional underwater photographer and Champion of the World of Underwater Photography. After becoming respected in his own right as an underwater photographer, Giordano moved on to the land and began working as a travel and reportage photographer. Giordano continues to work within different photographic contexts, from travel and reportage in some of the worlds furthest corners to fashion and fine art, and continuing to experiment and make underwater personal work. Thanks to his skill in photography has won many national and international awards and has exhibited around the world, from Los Angeles to Tokyo and was expose at the “Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History” (Washington DC). He won, also, the prestigious “Plongeur d’Or” at the Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine.

In Italy, Giordano found inspiration in underwater baby photography with his magical, playful portraits of children under water.  
Please see some examples of Giordano's photography

Book an underwater photography session with Giordano today!


Location: Imagine Swimming Tribeca Flagship, 40 Harrison Street
Times: Saturday & Sunday, 6pm-9pm
Date: Saturday, October 19th & 26th. Sunday, October 20th &27th


  • 3 Digital images in web/screen resolution (2000x1333@72bpi) @ $300
  • Additional images are $50 per image
  • Retouching of chosen images included in pricing
  • These images are WEB resolution.  Printed or enlarged versions pricing can be found under Additional Services
  • Participants must sign a Model Release allowing the use of photographs for promotional purposes; this requirement will be waived for a fee of $150 if you do not want to sign the model release.
  • One parent must be available to be in the water to help with the child if necessary; however, does not need to be in the photo.
  • Two backgrounds available: black background & natural water background to be chosen before the shoot.
  • The photoshoot will take around 30 minutes


Email annabel@imagineswimming. com with your preferred date and background color. We will contact you to confirm your appointment time.

Family Swim at the Tribeca Flagship

Weekend Family Swim hours are limited to families currently enrolled in Imagine Swimming lessons, as well as Independence Plaza residents.  

Children & families enrolled in lessons swim at no cost.  

Independence Plaza Residents, $20 per visit, or $84 per month for unlimited Lap & Family Swim membership.

Family Swim - Available Saturday - Sunday: 6:30P.M.-9:30P.M.  *Last entry 8:30P.M.

Lap Swim - Available Monday - Friday: 12:30P.M.-2:30P.M. and 6:30-8:30P.M. Saturday - Sunday: 7:30A.M.-8:30A.M.


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