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New York Times

“Seeing these kids committed, gradually making changes and improving, and then having fun with it, I don’t know,” Ervin said of the children he taught. “I guess it kind of blew on some embers that had grown really, really cold, and eventually grew into a fire.”

Anthony Ervin: Olympic champ and former Imagine Swimming instructor

Wall Street Journal

“When you have a competitive swimmer who loves the sport and has dedicated so much of their life to swimming, it shows up in the quality of their teaching and lessons,” says

Imagine COO Kate Pelatti, a former collegiate swimmer

ABC News

“Babies swimming as early as 4 weeks are a combination of both natural ability/instinct and learned behavior.”

Brenden O’Melveny: Director, Imagine

New York Post

“Imagine’s formula, hiring exceptional teachers and weekly lessons is in stark contrast to less expensive programs, such as at the YMCA, that tend to have larger groups. Imagine has three to four children in a class, a ratio Imagine believes is far more effective than private lessons where the kids lack peer-to-peer learning.”

New York Magazine

Best Kiddie Pool: “Almost as soon as they’re out of the womb, kids can start blowing bubbles at Imagine Swimming. Weekly classes average four kids to each swim coach, with lessons breaking from the normal kickboard and dead-man’s-float routines to include underwater Frisbee tossing, flotation mats, and hoop-jumping.”

New York 1

“Anthony Ervin, a former Imagine instructor along with the rest of Team USA are inspiring the children learning how to swim at Imagine's TriBeCa flagship.”

Erin Clark, New York 1

USA Swimming

“Imagine Swimming. Co-founded by Olympian Casey Barrett and NCAA champion Lars Merseburg, Imagine Swimming is not only a wonderful group of kids, but teachers. All sorts of swim instructors and coaches come in through the Imagine Swimming doors -- many artists, many swimmers and former competitors, many of them tattooed, many who are passionate about the water, like Ervin. All of them are engaging, articulate, and caring.”

Mike Gustafson: writer with and Splash Magazine


“Inspired by the ocean, surrounded by water from his hometown in Honduras, swimming is something that inspires me, and happy to learn at Imagine Swimming.”

Ramiro Ocasio: First Timers- 7 New Yorkers, 7 Changed Lives, WNYC, Happiest Man in the Shallow End

Inc 5000

“A lot of the core group are ex-competitive swimmers. And I think that has to do with what you learn in the pool and what are life lessons that we're trying to pass on to the kids. They're gonna make you successful in a lot of areas in life.”

Lars Merseburg: Founder, Imagine Swimming

Fox News

“Imagine Swimming believes that the water is a place where children should feel at home. Every child should learn how to swim, and Imagine Swimming attempts to reach that goal through the instruction of experienced athletes.”

Swimming World Magazine

“Synchronized swimming was the perfect fit to our overall approach to aquatics because it is expressive, full of movement, fluid and fun. There is nothing quite like dancing across the surface of the water.”

Kate Pelatti: COO, Imagine Swimming

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