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TriBeca Flagship


40 Harrison Street, New York City, NY 10013
Greenwich Street

Entering the facility

Upon arrival, enter the door code below. 


The pool and locker rooms can be found one level up from the entrance. Walk to the end of the hall and turn left. Take Imagine’s private elevator to the second floor. Please leave strollers in our stroller parking lot.


Seating for families and caregivers is located in viewing area benches.

Facility rules

  • All adults must use same sex locker rooms.
  • Swimming caps must be worn by all swimmers.
  • Street shoes are strictly prohibited from being worn on the pool deck.
  • Children must be supervised at all time, with an adult on location at all times.


Monday: 08:20am - 08:25pm
Tuesday: 08:20am - 08:15pm
Wednesday: 08:20am - 06:50pm
Thursday: 08:20am - 07:15pm
Friday: 08:20am - 07:35pm
Saturday: 08:30am - 06:30pm
Sunday: 08:30am - 06:30pm

Age groups

This location is suited for ages 8 weeks and older.

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