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Josh was born in Springfield, Massachusetts to a family steeped in athletics. His father, Juhan, was an elite collegiate baseball player (at Springfield College he set the single season stolen base record) while his mother, Nancy, excelled as a gymnast. Josh's earliest memories were centered around dugouts and sidelines and in gymnasiums, where his dad coached and his mother judged college gymnastics. Swimming became a part of Josh's sport-centric upbringing when he joined the Pine Knoll Swim Team at age five. He went on to compete in age group competitions, excelling as a breaststroker and IM'er, and showed early talent when he placed second at the Western Massachusetts Championships two years in a row. However, he soon discovered skateboarding and by the time he reached high school he was gravitating more toward skating in empty pools than racing across filled ones!
Josh recently left a two-decade career in the photo industry and, following in his parents' footsteps, has moved into teaching and coaching. As Imagine Skateboarding's first instructor, he hopes to share the lifelong joys of skating through Imagine's core philosophy of 'Safe Fun.'