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Director, Billing & Client Services

Annabel grew up on a farm in South Africa, where she taught her first swimming lesson to a rather unusual student - her pet monkey. After teaching the little primate to doggy paddle, Bel became an accomplished swimmer herself. She notes that her competitive swimming career may have peaked rather prematurely, at the auspicious age of seven, when she was chosen to represent her state in South Africa. While her memories of racing soon faded, Bel fondly remembers the stylish polyester green tracksuits with the corn kernels embroidered on it - clearly an inspiration for future Imagine swimwear lines! After her university years, she moved to Australia, where swimming remained a constant in her life as she explored the stunning pools and beaches across that swim-obsessed land down under. However, Annabel's most meaningful swimming experience was the time she saved her 90-year-old granny when their kayak overturned a mile out in the Sea of Cortez. Bel is married to Imagine co-founder Lars Merseburg, and together they have a son, Oskar, who has been in Imagine waters since he was 10 weeks old.