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William was born and raised in Queens, where his mother enrolled him in his first swim lessons at an early age. He loved the water and would spend all day in the pool or at the beach if given the chance. Although very much a swimmer, William was an avid all-around athlete and loved playing basketball and soccer as a kid, until tenth grade, when knee problems forced an 'early retirement' in land sports! His doctors recommended more low-impact sports that would be less strenuous on his knees, and that's when William began to swim competitively. He joined the varsity swim team at Francis Lewis High School and went on to swim for the City Open League Championship. He also has been a summer lifeguard for New York City since the age of 16 and lifeguarded in upstate New York where he graduated school from Binghamton University with a Bachelors in its PPL (Philosophy, Policy, and Law) program and a minor in its Music program. Outside of athletics, William loves art, music, dance, self-expression, and anything that promotes positivity.