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Tonimarie is a native New Yorker and a mother of two. She was raised in a large family of nine, and was introduced to the water by her dad at six months old. All of the Gaudioso siblings learned to swim young, and many moved on to swim teams; lifeguarding jobs; and positions as swim instructors. Tonimarie is raising her family in Staten Island, where she is also an employee for the NYC Department of Education. At District 75 public school, she works with children experiencing a range of emotional and behavioral issues. For the last seven years, she has particularly focused on non-verbal autistic special needs children in low-income areas, and is currently taking child psychology classes to further her expertise in the field. Being a mom herself, an aunt to many nieces and nephews, and also having extensive experience with special needs children, Tonimarie possesses a rare patience for kids in every educational environment.