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Roshane was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and lived there until he was 11-years-old. As a child he loved going to the beach and playing in the water but, like too many island kids, he didn't really know how to swim. It wasn't until he saw his older cousins in the deep end of a local pool - while he was stuck in the shallow end - that he worked up the courage to become water safe. After moving to the U.S., Roshane was exposed to a wide range of athletics - particularly football to baseball - however these sports felt alien to him when compared to how natural he felt in the water. This connection to the water led Roshane to become a lifeguard in high school, and he was soon inspired to teach. After struggling at first as a nervous instructor, his confidence grew as he witnessed his students' improvement and the personal connection he made with each swimmer. Outside the pool, Roshane has always had a passion for drawing and graphic design, and he aims to pursue his creativity with the same childlike excitement that his students bring to his classes.