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Born and raised in Connecticut, Robert has always had a love for the water. Despite not being on a swim team, he spent much of his youth swimming at his local pool where he later was hired as a lifeguard and swim instructor at age 16. Rather than join his high school's swim team, Robert focused his athletic abilities towards helping the Bunnell Bulldogs soccer program reach two state championships. Despite being defeated the first time they reached the state championships, his team came together to return next year and win in 2011. From this, Robert wishes to help his students find the same love for athletics and teamwork. In 2012, Robert enrolled at St. John's University as a psychology major and later achieved the academic honor of Dean's list in 2014. This move to New York City led him to join the Imagine team in 2013 as a lifeguard with the support of his loving older sister and former Imaginaire, AnnMarie. He now looks forward to being in the water as much as being on the soccer field.