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Associate Director, Deck Specialist

Radhames did not take the usual lifelong aquatic path to Imagine. Before his senior year of high school, he almost drowned in 10-feet of water while away at an upstate basketball camp. While an accomplished baller and a natural all-around athlete on land, Radhames could not swim at 17-years-old. He decided to change that in a hurry. After months of lessons, Raddy felt confident enough to join his high school swim team, the George Washington Trojans. Fear soon gave way to speed, and Raddy discovered that his natural athletic gifts extended to the pool. Less than a year after that fateful drowning scare, he set his school record in the 50 free. Radhames went on to star for the BMCC Panthers, and like many of Coach Andy Escobar's swimmers before him, he found his way to Imagine, where he has become a fixture, in the water and on deck, at the TriBeCa Flagship.