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Mia grew up in England, where her father was a professional soccer player and her mother was a swimmer in high school -- so, suffice to say the sports genetics were strong! Her mother brought her to her first swim lessons as a toddler at the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk. When the family moved to Florida in 2008, Mia fell in love with the ocean and quickly took to the warm salt waters like a mermaid. She and her mother would spend every sunny day at the beach or pool, body surfing or swimming laps together. In 8th grade, Mia joined her first competitive club team -- swimming for USRP Racers in Daytona Beach. She later joined the Spruce Creek High School Swim Team and swam on Varsity all four years. After high school she continued with the USRP until she moved to New York City to pursue modeling. She is currently studying for an Associates of Arts Degree in Developmental Psychology. She loves working with children and really enjoys being part of their mental and physical development. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career in the arts, while sharing her love for the water with everyone she teaches.