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Luke was born and raised in Brooklyn. Always an athletic kid, he played every sport he could find, before really gravitating toward basketball and football in high school. However, one sport Luke did not love right away: swimming. He learned to swim when he was four-years-old at his local YMCA, and remembers being terrified of the water and not wanting to go anywhere near any pools or beaches. Fortunately, that fear transformed to joy, and before long he was plunging into every body of water he could find. When he was 16, Luke became a swim instructor and lifeguard at a country club in Greenwich, Connecticut, where he first began to pass along his deferred love for swimming. As the oldest of five, along with ten cousins, he is also personally teaching his siblings and younger cousins to swim, and is determined to see them develop positive water memories from the earliest age. Away from the pool, Luke is currently studying physical therapy at Laguardia Community College.