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Kadeem began his swimming journey at the age of eight with the NU-Finmen Swimming Team on Long Island. Founded by coach Robert Trotman in 1964, NU-Finmen has been a pioneer in fostering increased diversity and inclusivity in our sport. Kadeeem remained with NU-Finmen for over 20 years, competing through the age group and high school ranks, and then became a part-time coach as he continued swimming as a NCAA Division I athlete at St Peter's College before transferring to SUNY Albany. In addition to over eight years of coaching, Kadeem also worked as a swim instructor for all ages -- including Special Needs children and adult classes. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Education at SUNY Albany and went on to earn his Master’s degree in Business Administration at Fordham Univeristy. Kadeem plans to give back to his community and the city through different philanthropic works, with an eye towards educating future generations. His hobbies include playing the steel drums and playing with his daughter, whom he hopes will follow in his aquatic footsteps!