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Associate Staffing Director

Jon comes to us via Colombia, and the Borough of Queens - and personifies the power of learning to swim. At the age of six, Jon fell into a pool and nearly drowned, creating a deep fear of water that lasted for years. When his parents decided to enroll him in lessons, he was forced to face that fear- and after a couple of rough months Jon started to overcome, and eventually dominate his fear. So much so, that he went on to compete in swimming for Long Island City High School and John Jay College - where Jon currently attends, majoring in political science. In his spare time, Jon looks to test himself physically and mentally in thrill-seeking activities like obstacle course and Spartan races, open-water swims, sky-diving, hiking, triathlons, and hopefully an Ironman race soon. Jon is excited to work with the Imagine families and share his passion for swimming while teaching kids to be safe and confident both in, and out of the water.