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Hannah learned to swim at the age of four years old. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, where she went to TC Williams High School. Some may know it from the movie, Remember the Titans! There, she was a member of the dive team. Despite having not been the best diver, she did have a huge amount of respect for the sport and art form. More than anything, diving was very mental, and she believed the same thing applied for people learning how to swim. After high school, she attended Indiana University, where she majored in Journalism and minored in theatre, which is what she is currently pursuing now. During her time at school, she swam recreationally and it was a terrific outlet for her. Previously, she has taught swimming to children as young as 3 and up at Take Me to the Water. Unfortunately, she had to take some time off after she broke her knee and hip but is looking forward to being back in the water teaching again! During her spare time she enjoys painting, watching good movies, pilates, and cuddling with her cat, Indigo! When she thinks about being in the water, she is immediately reminded of a place that makes her feel calm and at ease, and she is hoping to instill those same feelings in the children she teaches.