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Hannah learned to swim when she was four-years-old - in a rather unusual and less than hospitable setting: Her mom taught her in the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland! The sea off the Irish coast might have been chilly, but Hannah took to it at once. She joined her first club team back on the other side of the Atlantic at age eight, swimming for Steven’s Sharks, and continued to compete with them until high school. As a member of her Varsity team, Hannah excelled in the 100 butterfly and distance freestyle - and she broke her high school’s record for the 500 yard freestyle! A passionate swimmer and teacher, Hannah founded her own bilingual vacation bible school camp in Morristown, NJ at age 16. She and her fellow lifeguard friends taught swimming, art, and sports in both Spanish and English. Hannah attended Barnard college within Columbia University, which, unfortunately, didn’t have a swim team. She is an actor and singer now, pursuing her dreams and finding inspiration from her swimming friends at Imagine!