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Gadiel's earliest swimming memory was a traumatic one. Growing up in Honduras he experienced a near-drowning in a river and his life was saved by a stranger who discovered him struggling. This frightening moment instilled the necessity in learning to swim. However, the violence and instability of Honduras at the time disturbed countless lives and things like formal swimming lessons were not feasible in the war-torn country. It wasn't until Gadiel's family emigrated to the US that Gadiel had the opportunity to learn to swim when he was in high school. Soon after, he went on to receive his lifeguard certificate as swimming became a major part of his daily life. In the years since, he has worked as an instructor, lifeguard, and aquatics director with the YMCA, NYC Lifeguard, and MVP Lifeguards. In the summers, he has also worked with camps, teaching water safety to underprivileged children in the community, seeking to provide others with opportunities he never received as a kid. Gadiel is currently continuing his education in computer science as an undergrad at Lehman College.