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Born in the Bronx, Gabriela's first swimming memory is unforgettable. At the age of three, she jumped off a diving board not knowing how to swim. When the Lifeguard blew the whistle to signal a rescue, her family raced to save her. But that first impulse to jump right in did not scare her away from the pool. Gabriela's mother soon enrolled her in swim lessons, until high school when she began to swim competitively. At Lehman College, she was a member of the Lightning Bug's swim team her junior year, and then began to lifeguard and instruct swimming at Roberto Clemente State Park. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Recreation Administration where she has established her long term goal of spreading awareness on water safety to those without the needed resources. Gabriela is excited to work with Imagine families and teaching the importance of staying safe while being silly.