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Growing up in Puerto Rico, Edith's mother didn’t know how to swim. Her family was quite poor and they never had the time or money to enroll the kids in lessons. So, when Edith was born and the family emigrated to the mainland U.S., her mom made it a priority for her daughter to be safe in the water. When she was five, Edith attended a swim program at Fordham University and quickly took to the sport. Unfortunately, her school in the Bronx did not have a pool or swim team, however, Edith kept up with her swimming at summer camps and pools on vacation. She became a lifeguard at the age of 16 and continued to improve her aquatic skills. Edith is currently attending Lehman College where she is majoring in Pre-Medical Biology with aspirations to be a surgeon - and hopes to join Lehman's swim team. She loves working with kids and seeks to incorporate interactive learning through play.