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Dragana "Gaga" Manojlovic was born and raised in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Since she was nine-years-old, Gaga has been active in every level swimming, both in the former Yugoslavia and at many international competitions. As a member of the Yugoslavian National Team, she won numerous awards at both national and international levels. Gaga earned her Master’s degree in sport science and also holds a 3rd Level coaches certificate from the American Swim Coaches Association. Before arriving at Imagine, Gaga worked for a year as a senior swimming instructor at a private program in Kuwait, and also for three seasons as a manager and head coach of the "Isikkent" swim team in Izmir, Turkey. Gaga is the founder and CEO of "Swimming Adventures", an adult swimming club in Belgrade that has won winter and summer national championships for master level swimmers. She led her "Swimming Adventures" team as captain and coach in 2013 at the European Masters Championship in Eindhoven, Netherlands.