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Candace joins us from the hipster capital of America, Portland, OR, but was born and partially raised in the less hip confines of Middletown, CT. A large percentage of her life has been spent in the water. She used to swim laps every single day from the time she was four-years-old until she turned 17, making swimming as natural as walking. Candace also participated in competitive swimming and water polo during her high school years, with water polo being the clear favorite of the two. She has been working as a swim instructor at various companies since she was 16, teaching people of various ages from wee babies to adults. Spending this much time in the water has turned Candace into the mermaid princess she is today. When she's having a particularly rough time as an ordinary student attending New York University, Candace just has to return to the water where she's reminded of her true spirit, as a mermaid princess.