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As a Caribbean-American citizen raised in the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, one of Brandon's earliest memories is his grandfather teaching him to swim. His grandfather would take him on visits to the beach and give him lessons in the warm Caribbean waters. Eventually, Brendon began competing at a renowned local club called Flying Fish Swim Club and on his secondary school’s swim team, Fatima College Swim Team. He swam for five years competitively and went on to become a Junior Coach at his club. He earned his high school diploma and certificates (both CSEC and CAPE) from the Caribbean education body known as the Caribbean Examination Council (CSEC) and is currently in pursuit of a college degree. He aims to find ways to support those in need through philanthropy and education, while also advocating for a more eco-friendly world. In his free time, he is a casual gamer and pop culture enthusiast and also enjoys playing football, cricket, and basketball.