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Booker is a New York City native and a longtime friend to Imagine's founders. He grew up surfing Montauk and the Long Island coastline, and competed in the Eastern Surfing Association throughout high school. Despite an early aversion for pools (as opposed to his lifelong passion for the ocean!), he was pushed to swim on a regular basis growing up - which proved to be invaluable training for his surfing. After all, the majority of time in the waves is spent paddling! Throughout each school year, he swam with Imagine, as well as for the Chelsea Blue Dolphins and his school, Friends Seminary. Those long hours logged in the water instilled a confidence and a comfort when teaching. And as a former student who resisted pool workouts, he also possesses a natural empathy for kids who might not love their initial lessons. With summers spent in Montauk, Booker also has years of experience as a surf instructor at Ditch Plains beach. His love for the water and first-hand understanding of Imagine’s vision to teach 'safe fun' in the water have made him an eager teacher, who hopes to pass along an appreciation and excitement for swimming.