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Upper East Side


695 Park Ave, New York City, NY 10065
Enter on the south side of 69th Street between Park & Lexington Avenue.

Entering the facility

Please take the elevator or stairs down one level to the basement. Go through the second set of double doors to the right and enter the pool through locker rooms.


Seating for families and caregivers is located on bleachers alongside the deck.

Facility rules

Please note that all rules are strictly enforced by the college staff.

  • Swimmers must use same sex locker rooms
  • Swimmers and families must enter and exit through their respective locker rooms
  • Swimming caps must be worn by all swimmers
  • There is no running or hose playing on deck
  • There is no food permitted on deck
  • All users must shower before entering the pool
  • No footwear is permitted on deck
  • Bags must be left in the locker room and not brought out on deck


Saturday: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Age groups

The pool is suited for ages 3 years and up.

Please note: This pool is kept around 80 degrees. A wetsuit is recommended for students who may be sensitive to cooler water.

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