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Frequently Asked Questions



Can I sign up for classes at any time?

Yes. We accept enrollments on a rolling basis so your child can join at any time that there is appropriate availability.

Is there a registration fee?

Beginning in January 2021, all active accounts will be charged an Annual Registration Fee of $50 per child.

This one-time annual fee will be billed to your account each new year. For new sign-ups, it will be processed after a trial is upgraded to perpetual enrollment.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. You can join the waitlist for any appropriate pool based on the days and times that work best for you. To be added to the waitlist, you'd search for classes within the days, times, and locations that would work for you. If there's nothing immediately available, you'll have the option of adding yourself to the waitlist within those selected preferences.

How do I know what number I am on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, because everyone's selections for days, times, and locations are different, we can't say for sure what "number" you are on the list. We can say that the more locations you're open to and the more availability you have, the more likely it is that we can get you in sooner.

How do you determine which class is best for my child upon sign up?

Students are placed in classes with other students of a similar age & ability level. When you first create an account, our system will guide you through a short series of questions which will help us determine a level range for your child. Once enrolled weekly, our staff will keep the system updated with your child's progress.

What is a trial class?

The first time in any new class is scheduled as a trial lesson. This allows the instructor to meet your child and assess whether that particular class is appropriate for them. It also allows you to try the class before committing ongoing. While your trial is pending, no one else can sign up in that class, so you are guaranteed the spot if the class is appropriate and works well for you.

Do you offer adult classes?

Yes, we do offer adult classes. For more information, please email

I have one child enrolled already. How can I get their sibling in?

We do our best to give priority to siblings looking to get into the program. If you have a sibling looking to swim, please reach out to your child’s Class Manager (listed on your Parent Portal, under the class details). They’ll keep them on their radar and do everything they can to find them a class!

Parent & Me

Where can I get a reusable diaper and Happy Nappy?

These can be purchased at the TriBeCa Flagship pool on the day of your lesson. You can also find them online. Popular diaper brands are iPlay & Finis. We require the Splash About (brand) Happy Nappy.

Why do we need a reusable diaper and a Happy Nappy?

We’ve found that this is the only way to keep accidents out of the pool, as single layers and reusable diapers don’t do the trick.

What if my child under three is potty trained?

That’s great! But we still require them to wear the double layer diaper and Happy Nappy until they’re three years.

We have many potty-trained students over three who still wear these two layers as their regular bathing suit. We recommend referring to them as their bathing suits, rather than diapers, to make potty-trained students a bit more comfortable.

Does it have to be a parent in the water with the swimmer?

No. Any adult who is comfortable accompanying your child is welcome to attend. We encourage consistency as much as possible, but if the same caregiver is not available every week, any adult caregiver is welcome to attend the class with them.

When will my child separate out of Parent & Me classes?

The earliest that we separate into a non-Parent & Me class is one month before children’s third birthday. This is because before that point it can be unsafe to have multiple children in a class without a parent.


How long are Imagine classes?

All children’s classes are 30 minutes in length with the exception of our Baby Splash classes which are 20 minutes.

How much are Imagine classes?

Our children’s group classes are $50/class. Children’s semi-private classes are $100/class & children’s privates are $200/class.

How does Imagine bill for classes?

Tuition is charged on the first of each month for all lessons planned in that month (ie. on October 1st for all of October’s classes). Any outstanding balance (for additional trial lessons, purchases, etc.) is generally charged within 48 hours.

How long am I enrolled for?

The first time in a class is scheduled as a trial lesson. The trial is a one-time commitment to that class. Once you’re enrolled perpetually, you’re committed to the class every week without an end date, so you must cancel your enrollment if you’d like to stop swimming.

Does Imagine credit for missed lessons?

No. Classes are reserved on an ongoing basis. Once you commit to a weekly class you are charged to reserve your child’s spot each week, regardless of attendance.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

No. Imagine does not offer make-up lessons, but families are welcome to take advantage of our Family Swim sessions on Saturday and Sunday evenings at our TriBeCa Flagship pool. This is open use of the pool which is complimentary for all current swimmers and their families.

How do I discontinue enrollment?

Imagine requires at least 30 days notice to end your enrollment and stop your billing. Imagine does not issue refunds.

You can set your end date through your Parent Portal or by emailing You will receive a confirmation with your selected end date. If you do not receive that, the system has not recognized an end date for your classes.

Do you offer any type of medical leave credits?

Yes. In cases of illness or injury that will keep students out of the pool for multiple classes (up to four), we're able to credit with a doctor's note sent in. That can be faxed to 646.496.9143 or emailed to Should your child need to be out of the water for more than four weeks, Imagine reserves the right to place your child in a class that is best suited for their current condition.

We do not credit for one-off medical absences, even if a doctor's note is submitted.

What about holidays?

There are holidays when many of our pools remain open. If your class falls on a religious holiday, we’re happy to credit you with advanced notice.

We’re also happy to credit for the following national holidays, with advanced notice:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day

We require notice before billing for that month goes through so that we can remove the charge from your account for that month (ie. before October 1st for Columbus Day).

How do I know when my pool is closed?

All upcoming closures for your child’s class can be viewed on your Parent Portal, under your child’s class details in the “Lessons” tab. Planned closures for a facility are generally updated at least a month in advance.

Can I put my lessons on hold?

Yes. Between Memorial and Labor Day weekends, you can place your classes on hold by alerting us at least two weeks in advance. This reduces the cost of the missed class to $12.

Advanced notice is required to place classes on hold. We do not offer to place classes on hold outside of those summer months.

What if I do not need to put all of my classes “on hold” for the summer?

No problem. You can place any dates on hold - from one day to the entire summer (or anything in between).

To place a single date on hold in your portal, the first and last day should be the same. Ie: to set only July 3rd on hold, the first date held would be 07.03 & the last date held would also be 07.03.

Do I need to be in the water with my child for class?

Not if your child is over three years old. If your child is under the age of three years and in a “Parent & Me” class, we require that a parent or other caregiver join him or her in the pool for the lesson.


Does my child need to switch classes as their level improves?

We group students by both age and ability level so that students can remain in the same classes as they progress and there's no need for families to switch their schedules. Of course, no two students progress at exactly the same rate, so if there's a time when the instructor feels that your child could benefit from another class, or you and your child just want to try another class, we're more than happy to look into that for you.

Do you have a swim team?

Yes. Our swim team - The Manhattan Makos - holds tryouts every Fall. To qualify for tryouts, students are required to be proficient in all four strokes and comfortable executing racing dives and flip turns. For more information on the swim team, please check out the Teams page : Click Here

What does my child need to bring to class?

Simply bring goggles, swim caps, a suit and a towel. We provide all toys and equipment. Children under the age of three and any children who are not fully potty-trained are required to wear a reusable swim diaper and a "Happy Nappy" on top for class. These items can be purchased at our Baby Swim locations.

When should my child eat before class?

Please do not let your child have anything to eat 30 minutes prior to his or her lesson. Please note that accidents such as vomiting can result in the cancelation of all lessons for all children at the pool for a day or more.

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